Monday, March 19, 2012

Some More of My Favorite Hobby

As many of you know I have a great luv of gardening. My big flower gardens are a lot of work. So my passion for miniature gardening began. With spring already here, I have been getting ready to plant 3 miniature gardens. I found really cute teacup planters on ebay. I found an entire garden set for $6 in a catalog. True miniature plants are quite expensive, so I'm always looking for small items I can decorate with. I decided to try some different types of trees this year. Here is my first completed garden. It features a Baldwin Variegated Hinoki Cypress and red thyme. It has a little more formal feel to it. Note the hidden birds nest, bunny, bird, bench and gazing ball.

Here is my second completed garden. It features a Moonfrost Canadian Hemlock, (has pink tips) red thyme and miniature daisies. I used my bargain catalog find in this one. It has so many pieces, I was astonished. It even has little gardening tools on one of the benches. And of course a bird, birdhouse, flower pots, wheelbarrow, tool shed, and the list goes on and on.

It's been a great hobby for me. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. The third garden is going to be the largest. My plants should arrive any day now. Woo Hoo!!!


  1. How pretty and neat is this!! I think my kids would love to create something like this that they can take care of and design themselves. Way to go!!

  2. SO adorable! I am just not that good with gardening. I have to pick REALLY tough plants...I certainly don't have a green thumb. You on the other hand clearly ROCK at the gardening.

  3. That is so awesome! i wish i had a green thumb :( We just bought a new house with a blank backyard I will be calling on you for pointers!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing that third garden! These first two are GREAT! I wish I could work with plants...Hubby is better at that than me, though. My mom says I need to stay away from plants, unless they are EXTREMELY difficult to kill. -_-
    You did a great job with the gardens. The second one (with miniature shovel and stuff) is super cute!!! I've gotta show these to my mom. She's gonna love it. =)


  5. Oh my goodness Moana, those are adorable!! I saw your post in Handmade Circle so had to come by for a peek. Now I want one. lol
    Embellish By Andrea

  6. I love the mini gardens, Anne Marie! So sweet and charming...
    We used to make Fairy gardens with the kids, now that I have another little one, I look forward to creating them with her!

    <3 be blessed!
    Andrea M.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for posting your Blog link so I can bookmark it, too! Watch out - that Sumanasa Pixie will be lounging in your tiny garden if you're not careful!!

  8. These are absolutely darling! I love the teacup garden. And the little wooden garden tools in the other one are amazing! My grandson is into bonsai and so I know what you mean by 'expensive' plants. I'll tell him about your plant choices and gardens - he'll love it!!

  9. I love the mini garden in the cup and saucer - it's absolutely gorgeous!