Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Much Happening...

Really don't have much to blog about today. No new crisis this past week, no role changes, no nothing pretty much! Feeling kinda testy today, so some things are better left unsaid. Did have one random sale, not related to our promofrenzy activity. But I do want to congratulate those of you who are seeing their shops and sales grow. I know it has been exciting for you! The month's not over yet, so let's keep up the hard work. Promoting is vital for us all. Oh, and last nites bnr, wow, so many sales, guess we did need the break.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life's Priorities

Priorities are constantly changing during our life's journey, our roles ever evolving. Everyone needs reminding on occasion and life likes to give us little nudges along the way. Sometimes you recognize these little bumps and simply ignore them. Other times you don't even realize that you've been nudged. And sometimes, the little nudge is like a fist to your stomach.  My roles, like so many of you, have changed significantly over the years. I went from being an Air Force brat daughter, to nurse, to wife (twice), to mother (twice), to divorced (twice), to becoming ill and disabled. And now I find myself taking another look at my priorities. You see, today I got punched right in the gut. My niece ran over to my house and told me that my Mother had fallen and to come quick. I realize that my parents are getting up there in age, but when I saw my 79 year old Mother laid out on the floor, like she was in a casket and my frail 86 year old father kneeling over her, my heart just sank and then broke into many tiny little pieces. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but the fear on their faces was so very apparent if only for just a second. Getting old sure isn't for sissies...I think my role hasn't stopped evolving quite yet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Looking for a gift or starting your holiday shopping early - WELL HERE'S THE PLACE!!!

Well, the Promotional Frenzy Team is at it again! No, no, no.....we're not in another contest..... whew! Dozens of shops on this fabulous team are offering great specials throughout the month of August. So now is the perfect time to buy that special gift or start your holiday shopping early. All you have to do on Etsy is search: promofrenzyteam and all of the items on special from our talented artisans will be displayed. How easy could it get? Each shop will have their individual specials in their shop announcement with corresponding coupon codes. Some folks, (a lot smarter than me), already have their sale price displayed. Still haven't figured that one out. But CHECK OUT OUR MEGA PROMOFRENZY SPECIALS here:
Happy shopping everybody!