Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Back for Now...

Hello my friends. It has been awhile...hasn't it? I've missed you all and especially the blog hops. I truly enjoy them. It's not that I'm still the Bad Blogger...haha! Well maybe...but there have been many family issues the past 4 months which have totally consumed almost all of my time. All too damn depressing to talk about here. But needless to say...taking one day at a time.

So instead of making everyone boo hoo...thought I would just share some new listings in my etsy shop. I made these when I felt like I was falling off the abyss.

I especially luv this one cause I've looked like this for the past few months...pretty huh?

Or I have felt as tho I was in outer this monkey.

Or maybe...just wanted to get in my car and drive away. But's raining on my escape...wah...

I chose all children's themes to cheer myself up. Just looking at them made me laugh. Hope I brought a little joy into your day with my chaotic thoughts and personal photos. Hope you all haven't forgot about me...♥♥♥