Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Gift for my Sister...Angel Wings...

My sister and her husband flew down last week to help me with the ongoing family issues. They're staying for 2 weeks...WOO HOO!!! For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember a set of angel wings that I finished for my home. I had purchased another set for my sister...but wasn't able to get to them until now...

This is a photo of the original finish on the wings...

Originally I painted them a antiqued gold...but it looked like they should have been in Liberace's home. So I began to play. I did several...ok...many washes of antiqued bronze and metallic black. Finally got satisfied with the finish. Often when you see pictures of angels, their wings are highlighted in pink and white. So...I started to play again. I had purchased some pale pink and white crackle paint, so I decided to try that. I did a wash of the pink and white and then highlighted many areas with just the pink. I didn't get any of the crackling that I expected...but still luv the color.

Here's a couple shots of the final finish...

And of course I had to finish it with a lovely brooch...

Believe me...I'm no Picasso...but I luv the way these angel wings turned out. How about you? Would luv to hear your comments on my latest project.


  1. I'm no picasso either. I'd say the pink wash is what sealed the deal. It looks lovely as a finished product! I would've loved to see the crackle effect, but it also looks great as is.

    I'm glad to hear that your sister is able to stay for two whole weeks! That's awesome, and I'm hoping you get a much needed breather of all of the ongoing stuff. It's always nice to have family help out. =0)

    Thanks for joining us at Meet & Greet!

    1. Morning Kim...finally getting here. Thanks for coming by. My sister's stay went so fast. :(

  2. Love your talented blog! DIY are delish!
    Following you know! Please follow back! :D Will appreciate it!
    Red Alice

    1. Hello there Red Alice. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to my blog. Thanks so much for dropping by. Now following you via GFC.

  3. Hi flower, your blog is really amazing! Fascinating posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you'll visit me and follow mine too.

    Kisses from Russia,

    1. Good morning Ahha! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Just went and visited your beautiful page. Now following you as well via GFC.