Friday, December 14, 2012

There Are NO Words...

Tonite I was going to blog about something that really doesn't have much importance after today's events.  I like so many other people have been glued to the TV,  watching over and over the events in CT. Seeing the excruciating pain, fear and uncertainty on the faces of children, parents and law enforcement. Can you even imagine being among the last 20 parents waiting to be reunited with your child only to be told that there are no more children? What the hell has happened to us as a people, as a human the most evolved intelligence on our planet? My heart just breaks for the families who have lost a child and the families of the brave school staff who lost their lives trying to protect them. Perhaps my son has a unique perspective...He has two small children...this is what he wrote today...
Today's events in CT are unimaginable and should serve as a wakeup call to families across the globe as to what it is truly important. Life is both short and fragile. Twenty families lost a Camden and Ella today by merely sending them to school. Our time is now. Take advantage of it. 
There are NO words that can make any sense of this tragedy. But I do know that heaven has 26 new angels tonite, 20 small children and their six protectors...


  1. my heart breaks along with yours.
    Your son's words are too true. Time for action.

  2. Very wise words from your son. I agree, the news is heartbreaking, and so scary. I never thought I'd have to worry about my son starting kindergarten two years... Hopefully from the tragedy, officials will finally take the time to consider proper gun control laws. Something needs to be done to keep these shootings from happening.

  3. Too true and heart touching words . I couldn't believe what incident just had happened in the past day :(
    Noor @Noor's Place

  4. so unbelievably tragic... prayers and more prayers..

  5. You summed it up very eloquently.I'm afraid of who the next copy cat will be. It makes absolutely no sense. I wanted to tell you thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a member. I am now a new member of yours as well.

  6. That last picture is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.